SAE Chapter closed at Oklahoma University because of racism.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon once again finds itself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.  This time, its chapter at Oklahoma University has been suspended, by both the school and SAE’s national organization, after an extremely racist chant was videoed and went viral.

While steps have apparently been taken to deal with this symptom; the larger problem, SAE’s “Lord of the Flies” approach to management, continues unabated.  Unfortunately similar management (or the lack thereof) structures permeate the fraternity industry.

More about the revolting conduct of SAE’s Oklahoma University chapter can be found in articles by Reuters and Time.

Hazing may cost Syracuse University, Nu Alpha Phi pledge his fingers.

Two Nu Alpha Phi fraternity members have been arrested and charged with first-degree hazing.  The Syracuse University students, Tae Kim and Jeffrey Yam, are said to have forced three pledges to perform exercises in the snow, without gloves, for at least 1/2 hour in sub-freezing temperatures.  One of the pledges later reported to the hospital with severe hand pain, and was diagnosed with frostbite.  The pledge may lose the ring and pinky fingers on each hand to amputation because of the frostbite.

Full articles can be read here and here.

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